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Evening tours in Ørestad and Christiania

On 18 May 2007, Catja Thystrup and Stine Keiding conducted a guided tour around Ørestad City in connection with Ørestad's Light and Architecture Picnic for the Cph ADD event. During the tour, they described and showed how the evening light and the electrical light from street lamps, car headlights and the glazing of buildings created a unique visual and architectural experiences in this part of Copenhagen.
On 19 May 2007, Illumenarts conducted a tour around Ørestad Nord and Christiania, where they spoke about Ørestad Nord's illuminated urban landscapes and about how Christiania's varying degrees of darkness and light affect our visual and spatial perception.
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Twilight in Christiania, 2006. (Photo: Catja Thystrup)
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