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Illumenarts sees an exciting challenge in cooperating with various players on the development of specific exhibition projects so as to ensure that the client gets the best possible advice, thereby achieving the desired results.


Illumenarts is cooperating closely with the Ørestad Nord Group and the landowners' association Ørestad Universitetskvarter on using Ørestad Nord for its exhibitions. The open-air spaces of this part of Copenhagen city – i.e. building sites and squares, façades and water elements - are to be the setting of various light and media art exhibitions from October to May. By exhibiting in public spaces we share the ambition that the general public will benefit from the luminous works of art, partly by making Ørestad Nord a safer place to be and partly by challenging the spectators' perception of the spaces and architecture in this neighbourhood. The works of art will tell inspiring stories and create surprising experiences in the dark city by interpreting the spaces of the city in new ways.

Illumenarts also offers clients to design and curate exhibition projects for their buildings or neighbourhoods. Together with the client Illumenarts will participate in and coordinate the creative idea phase and curate the exhibition. During the creative work on ideas Illumenarts profits by its network of artists and other professionals. Also we are happy to assist in PR and marketing of exhibitions.



epí: Corps 8, Night of Culture, Copenhagen. 2007 (Photo: Catja Thystrup)

Advisory services

Illumenarts offers creative advisory services in regards to the intallation of light and media art pieces in buildings, parks and urban spaces.

By implementing luminous art in the above areas you get works which are:
>> Contemporary and technologically modern; 
>> Aesthetically compelling;
>> Change and lift the character of the place and space; 
>> Widely appealing to the general public;
>> Able to create joy and time for reflections.
If you are interested or considering to set up light and media art works in your building or in your neighbourhood, Illumenarts offers its expertise and creativity at your disposal. You can either request professional recommendations or let us handle the artistic concept and the development of your project. The latter will be done through the following steps: 

>> The creative idea development; 

>> The preparation of artistic proposals for solution together with artists and other experts;

>> The implementation of art.

Lectures and presentations

Illumenarts offers lectures on the roles and the potential of light and media art in public spaces. We also offer to conduct special nightly guided tours of our exhibitions for enterprises and other interested parties.
Illumenarts holds a nightly tour in Ørestad City, 2007 \\ Photo: Svatlana Sølvason

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