Njalsgade 80, lokale 9.2.141
DK - 2300 KĂžbenhavn S
P: +45 2845 7429
E: info[at]illumenarts.dk


Illumenarts is a light and media art gallery located in the modern district of Copenhagen Ørestad North. We use the public spaces and buildings as a scene for exhibition projects of various nature.

Vision and mission

Illumenarts’ vision and mission is to create a number of unique and provocative artistic experiences meant to be seen at twilight. Our mission is to increase people's knowledge on light and media art works and to make poeple see the urban spaces of the city in a different angle.
Tasks undertaken:
>> Arranging non-profit light and media art exhibitions with works within the following genres: light art, digital art, and video & media art;
>> Presenting and exhibiting present, innovative and experimental art works of Danish and international artists;
>> Giving professional advice on how light and media art can be integrated into urban spaces and buildings in the city.
Illumenarts has an eco-conscious art profile, encouraging our artists to use energy saving light sources whenever possible.
Tanja Pak. Lux Europae, 2002. (Photo: Catja Thystrup)
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