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Previous projects

LUMINAT - luminous art in Ørestad Nord

Opening Friday 11. January
From 11 January until 28 February 2008, Luminat you could enjoy with five art pieces by the following established artists:

Viera Collaro: "HumanBeing

Steven Scott: "One"

Christina Bredahl Duelund: "Rooms I Have Passed"

Jesper Carlsen: "Untitled"

epí: "Runner"

Each artist devised a site-specific work of art in Ørestad Nord.
The works challenged the spectators' experiences of the interplay between art, architecture and location and they created a modern, poetic art scene in Ørestad Nord that makde a walk through Copenhagen more rewarding and rich during the cold and dark winter months.

Collaborative partners and sponsors

Principal sponsors
The pool for Art and Cultural Projects, Culture and Leisure Administration of the City of Copenhagen
Primary collaborative partners
The landowners' association Ørestad Universitetskvarter

Viera Collera: Human Being.

Epi: Runner's route

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