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Proposal: luminous art at Grønningen

At the request of the landowners' association Ørestad Universitetskvarter Illumenarts in 2007 has prepared a proposal for how in future luminous art can be implemented in the park area Grønningen in Ørestad Nord. Illumenarts asked Steven Scott and Maiken Bent to elaborate on how to create works of art will  impact on both daylight and twilight. and that will function as meeting points for children and adults alike.

Maiken Bent is a young visual artist  interested in the field between art and design. In the project for Grønningen, she worked on the idea of creating a kind of sculpture park in the shape of a sculpture suite of home furniture that could add a little more life and unruliness to the straight and neat newly-built residential area and that will create some drawing room-like, private spaces in the middle of the public park. At night, the works revealed a new element as the built-in light make them stand out clearly in the dark park area and invite people to meet in the late evening hours.

See more of Maiken Bents art here

Steven Scott's Random Motion focuses on movement and creates a filmic experience for the passers-by. The work is arched and alternately consists of mirrors and coloured transparent boxes. The mirrors remind the spectator of the passage of time and the movements of nature and people. In daylight the light of the sun plays in the light boxes and creates coloured shadows of varying intensity. In the dark hours the boxes are illuminated from within by a diffuse, coloured light which will change colour - imperceptibly and dynamically. Thus, the work encourages discovery and thoughtfulness both during the day and in the evening.

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If you want to see the model and hear more about the possibilities for a permanent implementation of open-air art, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Collaborative partners: 

Model of luminous furniture, 2007. (Model and photo: Maiken Bent)


Random Motion, 2007. (Model and photo: Steven Scott)


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