Njalsgade 80, lokale 9.2.141
DK - 2300 København S
P: +45 2845 7429
E: info[at]illumenarts.dk

Christina Bredahl Duelund

The works of Christina Bredahl Duelund emerge from her interest in time and repetitions expressed in a poetic idiom. Duelund works with several media and alternates methodically with 2 and 3 dimensions. Even though her works always seem spatial, spectators are easily captivated by her creativity.

Most recently, Duelund has added a lyrical aspect to her artistic process. Texts and poems add an extra dimension to the works and open up to a more process-oriented and phenomenological expression.

Previously, epí had carried out large and impressive media art projects in the city, such as during the Copenhagen Cultural Night 2007 showed at the University of Copenhagen.

Christina Bredahl Duelund: "Par nummer 64", Ny Duel, Århus Kunstbygning. 2006. 


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