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Illumenarts is owned and managed by Catja Thystrup. Catja Thystrup had graduated (MA) in Modern Culture and Cultural Communication. Besides, she wrote her thesis on light and media art in the public spaces of the city. Needless to say that she has a thorough knowledge of both natural and artificial light in the nightly urban areas, where she had been conducting several tours in Ørestad and Christiania at twilight. 
During her studies, Catja Thystrup achieved many projects in exhibition works. In 2003, she was involved in developing and exhibiting a video montage for the exhibition Bedre Byrum (better urban spaces) held by Dansk Arkitekturcenter (the Danish Centre of Architecture). In 2005, she worked as a project assistant in Galleri ArtCompaz, where she curated various exhibition projects, arranged art events and was responsible for the gallery's sales work. In addition, she has for several years been responsible for the events and finances of the world's oldest women's camp.
Catja is in charge of Illumenarts’ finances and is coordinator of the technical implementation of the projects.


Catja Thystrup and Stine Keiding at KUA in Ørestad Nord, 2008. (Photo: Anne Sofie Würgler Villadsen)

Illumenarts' advisors

A team of competent project assistants with experiences within web, dissemination of art, graphic design and urban development are working for Illumenarts.
The steering group consists of professionals with different competencies within creative professions and meets 3-4 times a year. At the meetings the steering group thinks out, together with the management, the long-term strategies for Illumenarts.
Illumenarts’ steering group is composed as such: Vibeke Petersen (art historian), Viera Collaro (light and visual artist), Janne Bech (manager in FolkeFerie), Mike Lippert (manager in idébureauet 2+1) and Nicolai Irminger Sonne (consultant in Arealudviklingsselskabet).
The advisory panel also consists of a number of professional, creative people with various professional competencies. The panel gives advice regularly to Illumenarts on topics within their field of expertise.
Illumenarts' advisory panel is composed of: Lars Eskesen (director), Vibeke Windeløv (film producer), Thomas Lindvig (visual artist), Matthias Steinø (attorney), Mads Jacobi (light designer – co-founder of Lyskastellet), Karen Toftegaard (mediator of art and culture – co-founder and vice-chairman of AirPlay Street Gallery), Dorthe Vejen Hansen (head of the PhD centre at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen), Rikke Faaborg (project manager in Bylivsgruppen, Arealudviklingsselskabet), Merete Madsen (architect and PhD at the light laboratory of the School of Architecture); Solvejg Reigstad (architect and project manager in the Ørestad Nord Group), Rune Bager (sociologist and brand manager in the Municipality of Odense), Rikke Frisk (entrepreneur and owner of Kridt), Mette Sindet Hansen (ethnologist and exhibition coordinator at INDEX) last by not leats Jacob Skov (project manager of DR Rytmisk Live).
Lone Høyer Hansen: Flowers Cannot be Ignored. Lux Europae. Copenhagen, 2002 \\ Photo: Catja Thystrup

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